Sweet Dreams Not So Little One

My son will be 2 in January and although he’s comfortably in his 18-24 month clothes, he is a bit of a bruiser! Up till recently we have been using sleeping bags for him to sleep in. We used them for his sister too. They are perfect for little ones, they ensure tiny toes are kept warm, they come with guidance on tog for the time of year and it also helps to stop them climbing out of their cot, the little monkies!

But he is growing up, he’s getting big and I am wondering if the lack of room in the bags is contributing to him waking up through the night? It’s that big mystery question ‘why are they not sleeping?’. Are they too hot or cold? Are they hungry? Do they want a cuddle? The things we will try and test in order to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation driving us to try anything. Will we ever find out the answer?

So for the last couple of months I’ve deliberated on whether to move him into a duvet and pillow instead of a sleeping bag. Have you ever done that? Deliberated over simple things that really don’t matter, for example when should you move them from parent facing to forward facing in their pram? Or when should you give them their first taste of chocolate? I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t really matter. If he doesn’t like it, we can always go back to sleeping bags for a while. No big deal.


I bought him a duvet and pillow set from Asda and received a gorgeous cot bed sheet, duvet and pillow cover from Kiddies Kingdom and here they are. The duvet cover feels like excellent quality and I do love the stitching detail with the little frog.

Kiddies Kingdom Bedding

Kiddies Kingdom Bedding

This was about 2 weeks ago. Is he sleeping better? Maybe? It’s certainly no worse and we have had a few nights of unbroken sleep. We even had one night were just as Cbeebies finished, he turned around and said ‘nigh, nigh, dair’ and pointed to the stairs. I opened the gate and up he went, picked up his dummy and with his arms outstretched said ‘bup’. I popped him in his cot, gave him a little kiss and said night night, love you. Off he went to sleep. (I’m not sure this was down to the bedding but I thought it was super cute and unlikely to ever happen again).

Kiddies Kingdom Bedding

Kiddies Kingdom Bedding

What do you guys use for bedtime? Sleeping bags or duvet covers?

Need some tips for safe sleeping for the little ones, check this out.

Please note we were sent the bedding from Kiddies Kingdom for the purpose of the review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I remember the change from bags to duvets. I was constantly going in to cover the little man up at night. He still kicks it off more often than not now but they do adapt. Wait until he’s in a single bed – then it really does feel like they’re growing up super fast! Apologies for the late comment, holidays got in the way, better late than never! Thanks for linking up to #TriumphantTales, hope to see you on Tuesday!

  2. We are using sleeping bags but only in autumn/winter to be sure it’s not too cold. Anyway, your son’s bedding is really lovely hope he will be a better sleeper now. Thanks for joining KCACOLS and be sure to link up again


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