Travel essentials for families

Road Trip Essential Travel Kit

For Toddlers and Children

You may have noticed that we have been away for a little while. A two week road trip in fact. A trip such as this may not be everyone’s idea of a holiday but we wanted a little adventure and that’s what we got.

Before we went I wanted to make sure we were kitted out with all the things that may make our journey that bit easier. Being confined to a motorhome we needed all the help we could get. Entertainment for the kids mainly! Here is my selection of essential travel items.

Snuggle Sac from Ollie and Leila*.

The Motorhome was a 5 berth, so she got the double bed in the hump above the driver’s seat all to herself, her little den! As soon as we picked up the van, she set to making up her own space and the snuggle sac took pride of place.

Dalmation Snuggle Sac

Snuggle Sacs are a fun version of a sleeping bag. You can insert your pillow at the top and choose from a selection of funky designs. My daughter was delighted with this dalmatian version. She is doggy mad so this has made a fun addition to her collection of doggy soft toys. Warm and cosy enough for sleepovers too. Best of all for me it’s easy to wash!


Brainbox from Green Board Games.

We were lucky enough to pick up a sample pack at BlogOn (a blogging conference) and we loved the idea so bought not only the original game (the first science version) but also the Bounce version of the game too.

BrainBox Games for Children

In the original game each player selects a card and has 10 seconds (but you can increase that for the younger players) to try and memorise as much as possible on the scene on the card. Once the time is up the player next to you will take your card and ask you questions from the back of the card which relate to the scene. You score points for each question you get right. Bounce can be played two ways. The second way was our favourite. It’s a quick fire spot the difference game.


Backpack from CBinteriors and Luggage roller from Skip.Hop Zoo Collection*

What is not to love about this little bag. My daughter chose the rose design but other designs are also available. For me packing for holiday is exciting, it kind of marks the beginning of the holiday and I love the fact Pops loves this part too. She was lucky enough to receive the gorgeous backpack from CB Interiors and a luggage roller from Skip.Hop.

The backpack was a perfect size for her to pack her items that she wanted close to hand whilst on the move and also came in really useful for her to carry her own snacks and drink whilst out for one of our many walks. Watch this space for an upcoming competition to win one of these fab little personalised backpacks.

Loch Lomond view from Balloch

The Skip.Hop luggage roller is from the Zoo Collection which is full of fun characters. She could choose her own clothes, get excited about holiday preparations and pop the case in her own little den. What can I say, she loves unicorns so when this arrived she was over the moon.

Skip.Hop Luggage Roller

We were also sent the matching Unicorn lunch bag. Unicorns are flavour of the day and ‘Eureka the Unicorn’ was a firm favourite with my girlie. The best thing about the Skip Hop range is that they really try to think practically as well as fun. The luggage roller has a strap on the back so when they inevitably get fed up of holding their own bag you can put it over your shoulder. The lunch bag is insulated and the handle has a clip so you can attach it to another bag.

Skip.Hop Luggage Roller

We also had the travel blanket from Skip.Hop. This blanket was so soft and my little boy loved to squeeze it in it’s compact form. Opened up it covered him perfectly whilst he was asleep in his car seat.

Skip Hop Toddlers Travel Blanket

Tomy AquaDoodle – Paw Patrol*

We loved this because it was simple and compact. Pops could play noughts and crosses with us an Pud could scribble without making a mess. Aquadoodle is a non messy way for them to be creative. Now I don’t mind mess usually, but when you are in rented holiday accommodation you try to avoid permanent damage. My eldest has been known to draw smiley faces and practice her heart shape drawing on walls!

Tomy Aquadoodle Paw Patrol


Still on the subject of games, what could be more travel friendly than Top Trumps? We were lucky enough to be gifted two packs, the Paw Patrol version (yes, those furry heroes would have to have a way of making it into our bags) and a minion version. These were great to have to hand and provided much entertainment for those rainy evenings whilst cooped up inside the van. We often left these games to play once Pud was in tucked up in bed, those little hands cause much havoc otherwise!

Top Trumps, BrainBox and Aquadoodle

Waterproofs from Muddy Puddles

It was an August Holiday and some sunshine would have been nice, we were lucky enough to have a few gorgeous sunny days but the majority were filled with lashings of rain! I really love the selection of outdoor wear from Muddy Puddles. I first bought Pops a coat a couple of years ago and we have stuck with them ever since. They have some really funky designs, most of which are unisex which makes keeping them and passing them onto Pud much easier.

Muddy Puddles Waterproofs

Muddy Puddles Waterproofs

Ladival* Children’s Sunscreen SPF 50

We may have headed up to Scotland for our holidays but we needed to be prepared for sunshine as well as rain. Ladival not only protects against UVA and UVB rays but also against Infrared A too. Providing excellent all round sun protection. The formula came in a spray which we hadn’t tried with the kids before. It’s a gentle preparation without perfumes, colourants, preservatives, fats, PEG emulsifiers and parabens. Suitable for children (and adults) with eczema.

Ladival Sunscreen for children

Ladival Childrens Sunscreen

Previously when I’ve applied sunscreen to Pud, his eyes have have flared up red. I try my best not to get it in his eyes but he resists so much and then rubs his face it inevitably works its way into his eyes! I resorted to stick sunscreens which look like a mini deodorant. This was brilliant at not getting it in his eyes but I did wonder if you actually got the sun protection advertised as only a thin layer would actually be transferred.

Ladival proved a success, we still had a struggle applying to his face but no bad reaction.


Perspirex Deodorant*

We did experience some typical British weather of high humidity and as most of our activities involved long walks we definitely needed deodorant. We got sent a sample of Perspirex to try too. Although my daughter says I have smelly armpits in a recent Q&A my OH actually suffers with excess sweating (sorry hun), so this one was for him! This stuff is amazing. You apply it after a shower before bedtime. This stuff lasts for a few days, you can apply your regular deodorant over the top but he didn’t find this necessary. You can shower as normal and the effect lasts. This hard-working antiperspirant is free from perfume, while the comfort skin care system Cpx minimises the irritation that is often associated with extra effective antiperspirants.


Piccolo fruit pouches*

You may associate food pouches with weaning and yes that is what they are traditionally designed for but the fruit pouches came in handy on multiple occasions. Especially when traveling. Of course I advocate eating fresh fruit where possible but fruit has a short shelf life and can get messy when left at the bottom of a bag or squashed in a lunch bag. I find fruit pouches so much more convenient and tons less messy.

Piccolo Fruit Pouches

Whilst driving I would put 2 within easy reach of Pops and let her and Pud have them as snacks. Or when we went for a walk they proved a handy snack too. We were sent a range of fruits to try including ‘banana, coconut and baby rice’, ‘blushing berries’, ‘pear, strawberry and yoghurt’ and ‘pear’ and ‘mango’. I would mention their favourite but none of them were refused or left half eaten.

Piccolo Fruit Pouches

LittleLife Turtle Toddler Backpack with Rein

We bought ours second hand off eBay. I’m on the fence whether having reigns on a toddler is a good idea but on one walk in particular where we had large drops into a river along our walk this little contraption made all the difference – mainly to my heart rate! It just gave me peace of mind that he couldn’t run off, no breaking my back and my patience trying to get him to hold hands and entertainment for my daughter who referred to him as a doggy with a lead!

LittleLife Toddler BackPack


Just to note we were gifted some of the items – they are marked with an *. However all the opinions are our honest and our own


  1. These are definitely good things to keep little ones amused, throw in a Little Mix CD and Ben would be a happy Chappy!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

  2. So many great tips here. I am familiar with travel pillows as both of my kiddos also have one of each too. But they have a panda and a penguin. I must say I have not heard of Ladival* Children’s Sunscreen before and this one seem to be suitable for people with eczema too. That is such a great tip as my Evelyn suffers from such bad eczema. I think I will give this a try too.

    Thank you so much for linking up with us on #ExplorerKids Linky. I hope you’ve enjoyed the readings this week and we’ll see you tomorrow too! 🙂 x

  3. Lots of great items. I love skiphop. We have the ladybird bag. My eldest is going through a unicorn phase so would love this one. We love aquadoodle too and have the big mat. I couldn’t live without my rein/backpacks. Must dig ours out as my youngest has just started walking. #familytraveltips


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