Our Unorganised Easter Short Break

Easter time always has us itching for a short break. The Winter months are coming to an end and Spring is looking ever prominent. This year we took a short break to Davenport cottages in Worfield. The big house house has recently been opened as a beautiful wedding venue (we did take a little peek inside and it’s stunning). We stayed in Game cottage and loved every minute of it. We had an adventure every day but we really wanted to tell you about Warwick Castle in this review.

Gotta Love National Trust

Whilst here we ventured to two National Trust Sites – Attingham Park and Dudmaston. Both were fabulous but the good old english weather left us with incredibly muddy paths. My OH in his wisdom encouraged the kids to take their bikes (it actually doesn’t take that much encouragement). Well, I’ll let this picture tell you how that went!

Dudmaston muddy walk

Warwick Castle We Will Be Back

The highlight had to be Warwick Castle for us. We had sort of planned Cadbury World due to the bad weather forecast. I mean it is Easter and a mountain of easter eggs clearly wasn’t enough. However due to our lack of organisation there was no room at the inn! So we thought Warwick Castle would be a good choice.

On the way we checked ticket prices £27 each for the adults and £24 for our eldest. We nearly turned around. Pud goes free as he’s under 3. If we had been organised we could have saved a considerable amount pre booking. Luckily though for just another £3 we could upgrade our tickets to annual passes, so we did.

First up was the Horrible Histories Maze. This was fab as we explored the time of the Vikings, The Slimy Stuarts, The Middle Ages and World War 1. At each time period you got stamp your passport which Pops loved. Loads of ‘horrible’ facts accompanied each time too.

Horrible Histories Passport stamping

We took a hike, sorry walk up the tower with the spiral stairs to see some gorgeous views. We ventured down into the Kingmaker to see what it was like to venture into battle and listened to an interactive princess tale where the children help the magic happen.

Kingmaker at Warwick Castle. Very life like models

Yet again Pud refused to walk so my OH returned to his role as a horse and carried him in the child carrier. He may be heavy but visiting places like this the pushchair seems impractical.

So Much More On Offer

We spent around 3 hours at Warwick Castle and there was so much we didn’t see. So lucky for us we’ve now got annual passes to use! We would have loved to go into the dungeons but sadly this is for the over 10’s only. Boo Hiss! There’s also the playgrounds and gardens, The Mighty Trebuchet and the Time Tower. There’s also regular shows and activities such as the knight school and birds of prey displays.

Horrible Histories Maze Gunpowder plot
Horrible Histories Maze


There are places to eat within Warwick Castle but it was rather expensive. You do get a discount with annual passes though. The more organised would take a packed lunch.


Absolutely. Just make sure you prebook or make use of annual passes. They have a fantastic looking show coming up in August called the Dragon Slayer. We’d love to see this but it’s an evening show so better for those with older children.

The food was expensive but this was inedible! Kingmaker at Warwick Castle
Kingmaker, example of a feast

This post is simply an account of our trip to Warwick castle


  1. It looks really great at Warwick Castle – you are so right as well. It can end up being so expensive to get into places but totally worth paying that little extra for an annual pass.

  2. Aw I had such a laugh at the nose picking photo on your Insta LOL The stamping the passport is such a fun idea, I know my kiddies would really love that too. And carrying the bike in the mud with the kid on your back really sums up this whole parenting thing, doesn’t it??

    • It does sum up parenting doesn’t it! The daft thing is I grumbled half the way round wittering ‘I told you so’ but actually it was a fab little adventure and we ended up having a laugh x

  3. Oh I love your pictures and it sounds like you had a great time. We would love to visit my girls love exploring castles. So expensive though so thanks for the tip of pre booking.

    • Thank you 🙂 It is a fair drive away but we combined it with a short break near there. Definitely make it an annual pass or better still if you have merlin passes – entry is included in that x

  4. I’ve been wondering about Warwick Castle for a while as we have Merlin passes so free entry, but it’s a fair way from us, so I wanted to make sure it was worth the visit. It sounds brilliant for kids – my son loves a castle! I wouldn’t miss the dungeons bit though I don’t think, I can get a bit queasy with all the torture talk!

    • It’s hit a miss with castles isn’t it, sometimes you get there and you’re done in an hour! Warwick had enough going on to spend a full day there so well worth the visit. Especially if you have merlin passes x

  5. I love this review and how you can see it a glance how good it was! I love National Trust properties and miss them now we are in Jersey. Warwick Castle looks fab and my two would love the dungeons!

  6. We love Warwick castle! We have been a couple of times but always seem to be squeezing it into an afternoon. So I’m not sure we have really seen everything it has to offer. Great that you have annual passes now. We love National Trust as well but I’m kinda fed up with all the mud! Roll on the better weather I say xx


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