What does the Tooth Fairy actually do with all the teeth?


For the last year my daughter has had a wobbly tooth – well at least she’s been convinced she’s got a wobbly tooth. I wasn’t so convinced. However the other day whilst playing on the trampoline my 1 year old has managed to head butt her by accident in the mouth and now this tooth is most definitely wobbly. She has been super excited about losing a tooth and is constantly asking about the tooth fairy.

She asked me “what do the fairies do with the teeth they take?”

It got me thinking back to my childhood and to be honest I don’t really remember. I think we just took the 50p and didn’t ask any questions!

I read that in some countries it’s not a little fairy that collects the buried tooth treasure but a mouse instead! I also read that in the middle ages children buried their baby teeth due to superstition that if they didn’t they would always be searching for them in the afterlife. Apparently the vikings saw baby teeth as good luck and would make necklaces from their children’s baby teeth to wear in battle.

So as I’m not quite into making necklaces from teeth, I asked to the parent bloggers to answer my daughter’s question for me. Here’s what they said.


Building Castles or Fairy furniture – The most popular answer

The Tooth Fairy
A Fairy Castle made from teeth?

Laura (Five Little Doves)– I tell the children that she takes them to the tooth factory where they are made into fairy furniture!

Beth (Twinderelmo) – My parents used to say the tooth fairy would build things with them like their houses or cars.

Georgina (GeeGardner) – I told my daughter that the tooth fairy uses teeth to build a giant castle!

Sarah (Mummy Cat Notes) – We tell them that the smaller ones make cups and the larger ones make bowls for the fairies, they look at me like I’ve lost the plot but I think it’s cute!

Vanessa (JibberJabber UK) – My daughter has told me the Tooth Fairy is using them as bricks for her new castle. Sounds extremely gruesome. I did find mine in a china jug on Mum’s dressing table many years ago which totally freaked me out. 

Claire (Big Family Big Fun Blog) – There’s an old story (or maybe it’s a film?) from my childhood that was about The Tooth Fairy using the teeth to build her Castle, so that’s the story I told my kids.

Collette (Truly Madly Cuckoo) – They make a palace from them, hence the need to keep them clean and sparkly! However my six year old daughter refuses to let the fairy have any of her teeth, apparently she wants to keep them all and isn’t bothered about the money! 

Joanna (The Knight Tribe) – I tell them the tooth fairy takes their tooth back to their magical land and uses it to keep the castle strong and making more tooth fairy houses.

Sophie (Life As Mrs D) – We were always told as children that the tooth fairy built castles with our teeth that she takes…a bit creepy if you think about it actually!


Made into False Teeth

Pete (HouseHold Money Saving) – They are made into false teeth for old people!


Made into baby’s teeth

Stephen (DaddyStinks) – I tell my children she uses them to put into babies mouths so they can have teeth…. Kinda stupid when you think about it but they buy it

When I suggested this to my daughter she told me that couldn’t be the case as babies are born with teeth in their gums, but as Stephen says the fairies could have put them there,


Planted in the woods

Michelle (Muddled Mother) – I was told that they were planted in the woods and that’s where the bluebells come from.

I actually read that in English Folklore burying children’s baby teeth was quite common. People worried that if a witch got hold of them they put a curse on the child, creepy hey? I prefer Michelle’s reason for fairies planting teeth.


To make Fairy Dust

The Tooth Fairy

Kirsty (Kirsty Dee) – To make fairy dust of course.

I do love this idea. Seems a little less gruesome to building houses with teeth.


I think this was me as a child…

Sally (Teddy Bears and Cardigans) – Mine never asked! they just took the money haha!


The Truth

Rebecca (The Ish Mother) – A little controversial perhaps … but my daughter knows it’s just a story! I discovered the truth when I found out my well-off friend at school got more money than me and smelled a rat, so decided to be honest with my future children! We’ll still play pretend about it though so she doesn’t feel left out. 

I can understand this and it has crossed my mind too.


So what story do you tell your children?

How much do you put under the pillow?

What other questions have you been asked?


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  1. I don’t really know what I am going to say when they start asking questions my oldest boys are 5 and 7 but the 7yo has autism so i think i have a while yet I am going to have to start getting my story straight! #fortheloveofblog

  2. I think I will go with the fairy dust… seems the most magical and if I’m going to lie to them, it may as well serve the most fantastical purpose right? LOL. #CoolMumClub

  3. Do you know I have never thought about this before? But with our eldest fast approaching six, I better get my story straight quick!

    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

  4. I used to have a story about the tooth fairy too (Tooth Fairy by Audrey Wood) and it was brilliant! The tooth fairy uses nice teeth to build her castle and then has a tooth hall of fame! Definitely going to get it for my two when they are old enough and relive all the fun. #fortheloveofBLOG

  5. Matthew is 7 and still hasn’t got any wobbly teeth! He has asked about the tooth fairy but is only concerned if fairies are real , not what they do with the teeth. I’ll have to start preparing my answer, surely not much longer! Thanks for linking up with #fortheloveofBLOG

  6. We’re yet to have a lost tooth in the Harris household but I think I’ll be going along the lines of building walls/castles etc. When I was little, my aunt bought me a personalised book about the toothfairy and that’s what the book said so Ill be doing something similar. I know WH Smiths also has a book with a chart about keeping your teeth healthy so I think that will be a back up book!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back tomorrow!


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