Essentials to pack in your hospital bag

So you’ve gone past 30 weeks or so and started thinking about packing your hospital bag (if you’re on your 2nd or 3rd you’ve probably already reached 38 weeks before even thinking about it!). Ideally get your bag packed with the essentials about 36 weeks. Tell your other half where it is (repeat this step each week!)

These days if you’ve had a uncomplicated pregnancy and are in a good state of health then your hospital stay is likely to be one or two nights. Even if you have an elective cesarean. If you have a straightforward birth and everything is hunky dory then you may even be home the same day. If you are having a complicated pregnancy or have medical issues then your stay may be longer but discuss this with your midwife/obstetrician.

So here are the basics:

For the baby:

5 vests

5 sleep suits/grows

A hat for the first few hours

About 10 nappies

1 blanket

Cotton wool or non-fragranced/sensitive baby wipes

3 muslin squares/cloths/baby bibs

If you are formula feeding – 2 or 3 cartons of formula. (check with your maternity unit for the availability of a fridge to use, cartons once opened can be kept for 24 hrs in a fridge, one carton should last a few feeds)


For you:

Nightie for labour (remember you bump will make a nightie shorter – I didn’t think about this and my nightie was more like a t-shirt meaning I was ever flashing those sexy big knickers)

PJ’s/nightie for postnatal

Underwear (big knickers all the way)

Breastfeeding bra (if breastfeeding)

Basic toiletries (to feel a little bit human)

Lipbalm (entonox makes your lips dry)


Snacks for labour and postnatal ward (breakfast bars and apples are great)

Maternity pads (the big thick kind)

TENS machine (unless maternity unit provide this)

Load up your phone with your favourite music and take headphones.

A plastic bag for dirty clothes.


The above list will see you through a couple of days. Remember if your stay is unexpectedly longer, you can always ask someone to bring in extra stuff.






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