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A Morning at Wyevale Garden Centre with Busy Bee

There are few things that keep my children entertained for more than a few minutes. The iPad is one of them but the preferred option is spending time in the garden. I put aside my desire for clean clothes and let them loose amongst the plants and flowers…and soil! They will play for a good while, enough to get a hot bru anyway! I love that they will explore the garden and everything in it.

My daughter has her own little spot in the garden that she has to look after, this year she planted some colourful pansies. They can both be often spotted with a bug collection, grubby hands and building random bug hotels out of twigs and leaves.

Bearing this in mind we were very happy to be invited to attend one of the summer events at Wyevale Garden Centres. So we went to the Altrincham centre to see what it was all about.

Wyevale Garden Centre Altrincham

They have a series of family events on running through to the 31st August. The events are aimed at 3 – 8 year olds. We attended the breakfast with Buzzy Bee but other options included tea with Buzzy Bee or a selection of craft sessions.

The Wyevale Garden Centres are very family orientated with many of them having a small play area for the little ones and children’s options in the cafe. With over 150 centres nationwide there is bound to be one not far from you. All parents know that harmony is a happy child and a hot bru!

Garden Centres are the new place for families to go with small children. Especially when they are kitted out with facilities such as these.

So here is how it went.

We arrived about 09:15, a little early but they were all ready and prepared. The table was set up with a little kit for the both of them to build a wobbly bee headband and a sheet to colour in too. My daughter really got into it but Pud needed a little help from mummy!

Wyevale Garden Centre

First up was breakfast, we opted for 2 full english breakfasts and 2 children’s hot breakfasts. The adults came with a hot drink and the kids with a beaker of cordial. They were really delicious, clean plates all round except a few rogue baked beans.

Wyevale Garden Centre

Next we had time to finish constructing the wobbly bee headbands before heading off on a little bee trail led by Busy Bee. They had to find hidden letters amongst the garden centre. Short enough to keep the little ones interested with a few interesting facts about bees along the way.

Wyevale Garden Centre

The trail led us back to the restaurant were cupcake decorating was next. Each had a plate with a cupcake and a biscuit for decorating and some icing tubes and sugary treats to top the cake.

Wyevale Garden Centre Altrincham

Pops had great fun taking her time to create a work of art, Pud just tucked straight into eating the toppings! Not quite understanding why the icing wasn’t coming out of the tube. He still had good fun though. They both got to take home a pack of seeds to sow at home too.

Wyevale Garden Centre Altrincham

The session lasted about an hour in total and we had a lovely time. We then spent a bit of time in the soft play area after so they could run off some steam. It was a great way to start a day off with the kids in the summer holidays.


I heard that there will be similar sessions at Christmas too…

To find out more about the events at Wyevale Garden Centres Visit their site here.



  1. Didn’t know wyevale were doing this! We go there quite a lot to our two local centres for soft play. Will definitely check out their sessions like this, great post! Glad you had fun x #blogstravaganza

    • I don’t think all the centres are doing them but some are. If you click the link it should take you to the events page and from there you can see which centres have events x

  2. I love a good garden centre – and I would have loved to get stuck into this! Letting your daughter have her own patch of garden is a great idea that I think I might borrow… it’s always more exciting when it’s your responsibility. Sounds like you had a fun (and yummy time!), thank you for sharing with #Blogstravaganza

  3. I love a garden centre and what a lovely time you guys had. Wish ours ran something similar it looks great fun #Blogstravaganza

  4. My two love to be in the garden, which I’m grateful for because I’d rather be outside than in! If only their clothes stayed clean tough! This looks like a fab event, I love taking our to the garden centre, especially if they have an aquatic department for the kids to look at! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx


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