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Nottingham Caves
Heading out on a day trip to Nottingham with your children in tow? Get excited! Not only is this the legendary home of Robin Hood, there’s plenty to see and do in the city. Don't worry about getting around, there’s an abundance of public transport available.From the beautiful parks and woodlands to the incredible cultural exhibitions to visit,...
Bedtime Routines Sleep is just as important for babies as nutrition and activity are. Your baby needs adequate rest to be healthy and happy. Mood, weight, immunity, and even education and cognition are all things that can be impacted by sleep. Creating and sticking to a regular bedtime and waking schedule from infancy will not only help your child develop...
Naming Your Baby After news of a pregnancy has spread, family, friends, and colleagues often ask what the name of the child will be. Even when the gender is still unknown, most parents already think of a girl and boy name in advance in order to be prepared. It might sound simple, but it can actually get overwhelming because you're...
Our Unorganised Easter Short Break Easter time always has us itching for a short break. The Winter months are coming to an end and Spring is looking ever prominent. This year we took a short break to Davenport cottages in Worfield. The big house house has recently been opened as a beautiful wedding venue (we did take a little peek...
Well there's no surprise. Personally, I find cleaning the car the chore that tops my list. Things I’ve learned about cleaning the car:Even when you think you’ve done a pretty good job the kids will still discover crumb coated sticky raisins...and then eat them. No one who has kids has an immaculate car, if they do...please ask them to...

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Here’s a little about me. I have a gorgeous, headstrong daughter and a cheeky, car obsessed son. I’m a registered midwife since 2006. Now I write a family and lifestyle blog which led me to study a digital marketing course whilst being a SAHM.

After reading some amazing blogs I decided to start my own, I wanted other mums and dads to know they weren’t alone. Talking Mums is a place for my rants, thoughts and mainly my experiences. A site to share my amazing joys, laughs, tears and incredible fails in parenting. Enjoy!


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