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Talented ladies Club interview with Hannah martin
An Interview With The Founder Of Talented Ladies Club My last blog post shared the story behind the discovery of Mums Enterprise with Lindsey Fish. Continuing with inspiring stories from women, this week we have another brilliant story from Hannah Martin and how she started Talented Ladies Club.I could tell you all about the collective but I think it would...
An Interview with Lindsey Fish - CEO of Mums Enterprise Ltd Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. A day not only to celebrate the inspirational and courageous women in our lives but also to celebrate ourselves and all that we achieve as individuals. Today I have an interview with Linsey Fish, the CEO and founder of ‘The Mums Enterprise’.For any women...
Celebrating His Second Birthday!
Celebrating His Second Birthday!  Two is an age where they don't really know it's their birthday, they just know some sort of fuss is being made. But still, the occasion can't go by without a celebration. I have kept him fed and watered for two whole years after all!We celebrated with a little tea party with his sister and their...
Mums Enterprise Roadshow inspires mums to shoot for the moon
The roadshow is a child-friendly flexible work and business show, aimed at helping attendees get into the right frame of mind for change. Brilliant for those looking to retrain, find flexible work, start or grow a business.
Preschool pain. Ambition that creates heartache
If I am to make a success of setting up my own business then childcare is a necessity. But, boy is it hard leaving them when they don't understand why.

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Here’s a little about me. I have a gorgeous, headstrong daughter and a cheeky, car obsessed son. I’m a registered midwife since 2006. Now I write a family and lifestyle blog which led me to study a digital marketing course whilst being a SAHM.

After reading some amazing blogs I decided to start my own, I wanted other mums and dads to know they weren’t alone. Talking Mums is a place for my rants, thoughts and mainly my experiences. A site to share my amazing joys, laughs, tears and incredible fails in parenting. Enjoy!


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